Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Toy Story Engagement

My sister celebrated her 23rd birthday Toy Story style, this weekend. She created an adorable birthday banner as part of the decor, and my cousin made these amazingly delicious alien cupcakes. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head stood at each side of the cupcake stand to guard the cupcakes. Too bad we didn't have any water guns, I think some toy weapons would have made it more official. You know, the little green aliens have always been my favorite Toy Story characters so seeing them (and tasting them) in cupcake form was awesome! Definitely one of my favorite party elements!The night ended with an entertaining Toy Story Trivia Game, in which contestants had to yell "foof" before answering a question because there were no buzzards or whistles available. A contestant from the looser team had to take a shot of tequila (or milk, depending on their age) each time the opponent team answered a question correctly. Needless to say, the team with the kindergarten teachers and children won the trivia game. They were happy, but we (the losers) were BUZZing AND happy. Whoo-hoo! ~ The best part of all was when her boyfriend sat her down to open her gifts. As she opened a gift from him, he got down on one knee and proposed. The gift was an engraved photo frame that read "She said...YES! June 18, 2010" ~ Awww...what a great night! Congratulations Cynthia and Tim! This is just the beginning of your story. "To infinity and beyond!"


Donna - Dishy Goodness said...

Congrats to Cynthia and Tim! They look so cute and happy! I love the alien cupcakes. Adorable. Hope you have been doing well and can come visit us this summer! :)

Ssanchez said...

Those alien cupcakes are great! Love em'