Paisley In Paris™

Originally, Paisley In Paris™ was started as a small collection of doodles and greeting cards. Today my collections includes over 1,400 different items in the form of invitations, address labels, bookplates, business card templates, calling cards, play date cards, thank you cards, custom postage and more! In my Etsy shop I list print-at-home stationery and handcrafted gifts, while my website features a variety of invitations and stationery items that you can customize right from your desktop and purchase within minutes.

Why the name Paisley In Paris, you ask?
Well, Paisley is my pet Chihuahua. She's sitting on my lap right now as I type as she often does while I work. I consider her to be my creative partner since she's usually present when creativity strikes. Paris represents my dream to travel through Europe and other continents one day. I combined my creativity (represented by my creative partner, Paisley) and my dream to travel (Paris) in my brand, knowing that while I save up for the trip of my dreams, my little pieces of art are already there!

I sell much of my printed artwork through, where I have had customers purchase from all around the world!

So, in a nutshell...

Paisley is my pet Chihuahua. She has never been to Paris. If she had, I’d be jealous! Maybe one day we’ll go together... she’ll make friends with a poodle as I sit on a bench and doodle!

~ Dio