Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The day I discovered Casey's Cupcakes

The hubby and I took a quick trip out to Riverside yesterday for personal business. Once we were done, we stayed in town for a little window shopping and exploring. We were checking out the cute little gift shops around the Mission Inn when these pink balloons and charming patio seating caught my attention. The sign read Casey's Cupcakes & Capuccinos, and since I hadn't had my morning coffee yet, it became a "must have". ~ The shop's really cute on the inside and the cupcake attendants were very friendly. They had so many flavors to choose from, it wasn't easy to make a selection, but I decided on a Razzmatazz Raspberry cupcake - it was pure JOY! One of the best cupcakes I've EVER had! Soft and moist, not too sweet and full of flavor. The packaging and wooden cutlery added a nice touch to the presentation as well.
Looks like escaping the desert heat and taking an hour drive to the beautiful city of Riverside will be this summer's repeated "sweet" adventure.

Photos in this post are from SeanRobot's Flickr gallery


coolkids said...

I love cupckaes!:)

coolkids said...

I love cupcakes!

Dio Selina said...

Me too! They're so cute and delicious. =)

sara said...

Beautiful colors, and who doesn't like cupcakes.. please..