Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Logo Design: Paisley in Paris™

Introducing my latest project and logo design...Paisley In Paris™!

I'm so happy with the way the logo turned out! The paisley pattern inside the Eiffel Tower is my original artwork created using oil pastels. I scanned it, then I drew the outline of Eiffel Tower and masked the paisley pattern inside of it.

As a final touch I added a silhouette of my pet Chihuahua, who's name is Paisley. She and my desire to travel one day inspired this new logo and new name for my collection of greeting cards. So it's bye-bye Pepper Kittymonkey™ hello Paisley In Paris™!

Oh, and I should share my new tag-line too! It tells the story behind the name and it's worded in a way that will hopefully bring a chuckle out of you:

"Paisley is my pet Chihuahua. She has never been to Paris. If she had, I'd be jealous!"

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