Monday, April 20, 2009

Puppy love and miracles

Hi everyone,

I haven't had to chance to post anything recently. With kids on Spring break visiting over at our house, a wedding in the family and my little 5 month old puppy getting sick with parvo, I've been quite...well, emotional.

She started last Wednesday, we took her to the vet on Thursday and came back with medication to treat her with. I've been giving her shots, nausea medicine, giving her pedialite and an IV. It hasn't been easy, I don't like needles, and I feel her pain each time we treat her, but I know it's for her own good.

Yesterday (Sunday) was such an emotional day. At 10am I text my mother and sisters to let them I wouldn't be going to church with them because Paisley looked like she wasn't going to make it. She laid in bed lifeless, I kept cuddling her so she knew I was with her till the end. Amazingly enough by 12 noon, she stood up and weakly walked around for a bit. I was amazed and happy to see the sudden change. Later I started getting text messages from friends and family saying they've been praying for her. Wow! She went from lying in bed lifeless, with her temperature dropping and her eyes going back (so I only saw the white part) to getting a kick of life all of a sudden!

She's now stable once again. I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends and family who have kept us in their hearts with prayers and good wishes - it's working!

Dio & Paisley

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