Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuscan Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

Have you ever been to an older relative's house and seen their collection of wedding favors collecting dust? I know they hold on to them for sentimental value, but times have changed. No more plastic doves with tulle. When it comes to wedding favors, today's brides look for style and functionality!

I was browsing the web in search of inspiration for Tuscan themed wedding invitations. I like to look at possible decor, wedding favors, what other's have done for their own weddings, to perhaps incorporate some of their ideas with my own and come up with something totally new. During my search I found these CUTE "Olive You" wedding favors!
I just had to share my latest "neat find"!

For more information, click on the "my wedding favors" link on my Neat Finds page.


Pauline said...

I totally agree with you. That Tuscan themed wedding favor is an ideal choice. I really thank you for sharing that wonderful idea. I've seen lots of themed wedding favors at they too are as beautiful as Tuscan themed favors.

wedding tuscany said...

its a good blog.