Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Love My Suegra (Mother In Law) Collection

My new "I Love My Suegra (Mother In Law)" collection is now available through my Spanglish website Que Party Tan Fancy! My husband and I decided that he'll wear his "I love my suegra" t-shirt when we go to my mom's for mother's day this year and I'll wear mine when we go to his mom's house. I'm sure it'll bring a smile to their face and make others chuckle.
I know the mother in law is a sensitive subject for many, but I choose to look at things on the bright side. Think of it this way, if it weren't for her, your other half wouldn't be here.
Personally, I love that my suegra is a great gramma. That alone will always give her a special place in my heart. ~ Take a look at the entire collection! There's lots to choose from if you're looking for a great prank gift too!

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