Thursday, August 13, 2009

Real Weddings: Amy and Vinny ~ Love Birds and Cherry Blossoms Wedding Stationery

Congratulations to Amy and Vinny on their recent wedding!

When we first met to discuss her stationery needs she envisioned a modern design to reflect the trendy Ace Hotel in which her wedding would be held.

At the same time, she instantly fell in love with a love birds illustration I had created for another project in a different color scheme. Not a problem! I always create two different designs for my clients, each one with an individual price list, so that they can compare and see what feels best to them design-wise and budget-wise. All it took were a few minor modifications to the Love Birds and Cherry Blossoms design, such as changing the color and font to better portray their personalities. The other design was (in their words) "perfect" as I sent it, but after a couple of nights of thinking, and thinking, and more thinking, they decided to go with the love birds theme.

Amy continued to use my original Love Birds & Cherry Blossoms illustration to brand the rest of her wedding by purchasing matching postage and favor magnets from my zazzle gallery, which where printed and delivered within days with just a few button clicks.

Below is an image of the alternate design option that was designed for Amy & Vinny:

Congratulations once again to the love birds, may you live happily ever after!

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Courtney said...

I had never seen that type of 5x7 mailing label before, until I got it on an invitation this year. very cool!