Friday, February 6, 2009

More on Matt and Nicole's Wedding........... (Lace Wedding Invitations - Part 3)

What a coincidence! A day after I blog about Heather Kincaid's photography of Matt and Nicole's wedding, I find that her images for this same event were recently featured on The collage Heather put together for Wedding Chicks includes the above images of the place cards, another element of the wedding stationery I designed for Matt and Nicole.

These were their wedding invitations, my images are not as nice as Heather's, of course. =)

Heather's photography illustrates just how beautifully their day unfolded. I am so honored to have been a part in Matt and Nicole's day!

Invitations, Menus, Place Cards, and Monogram for Matt and Nicole's wedding, designed by Dio Selina Custom Designs.

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Carrie McCluskey said...

Those are gorgeous Dio!