Friday, October 3, 2008

HGTV's $5K Loft Wedding Transformation

I'm very excited about my holiday cards this year! I became very inspired after watching HGTV's Design on a Dime wedding special, where they transformed an industrial loft into a glamorous enchanted setting for a fairytale wedding. It was a beautiful loft with bright colors and a highly contemporary feel. Painting the walls was not an option, so the design team had to drape the room, and results were amazing!!!

The designers only had 2 weeks and $5k to transform the loft and setup for 35 guests. Everything, from the seating to the altar was custom designed. Below is a breakdown of the the cost:

Moving budget – $360
Fabric – $725

:: Fabric for walls – Textile Discount Center

Flowers and runner – $512
:: Flowers, $425 – Ashland-Addison Florist
:: Square vases for cocktail table, $4.99 – Jo-Ann Stores
:: Rocks for centerpieces, $2.49 – Jo-Ann Stores
:: Runner, $24.99 – Michaels

Altar and seating – $1,680
:: Branches, $10/bundle – Pier 1
:: Acrylic for altar, $135 – American Acrylic
:: Puck lights for altar, $19.99 – The Home Depot
:: Fur for runner/ottoman covers/bench cushions,
:: $7.99/yard – Textile Discount Center
:: White satin for ottoman covers and bench cushions,
:: $5.96/yard – Textile Discount Center
:: Ottomans, $15.99 each – Ikea

Mood lighting – $948
:: Conduit pipes, $2.18 – The Home Depot
:: Chains, $6.99 – The Home Depot
:: Rice balls, $7.98 each – Ikea

Cake and fondue – $750
:: Cake, $450 – Marked for Dessert

Total — $4,975

You can view more pictures and read more about the details at
As far as my holiday cards, it was their beautiful flower arrangements and color scheme that inspired me.

I've actually already designed my holiday cards, just have to start producing them and getting them out before the holiday rush.

I'll post pictures of them after they've gone out.

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