Monday, September 22, 2008

Feather-bottom dresses

I am soooo loving the use of feathers in headpieces, bouquets and even evening gowns! I came accross this dress today, which I thought would be fun to wear as a bridesmaid. It's not your typical bridesmaid dress, of course, but that's me...not typical.

If you like it, better get shopping now! It's on sale at Bloomingdales from $630 marked down 50% to $315.

I must say, though, so far the most beautiful feather-bottom dresses I've seen are the ones shown below. This is also one of my favorite images by Red Lantern Photography. I love the colors, the composition, the casual elegance of the setting, and of course the dresses! I'm not sure who designed them, or where they can be purchased, but I'll ask Donna (co-owner of Red Lantern Photography), I'm sure she'll know. She worked in fashion for a while, and tends to keep up with the latest trends better than I do.
I'll let you know when I find out!

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