Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

I was looking through my bridal magazines for inspiration and came across an array of ideas for those of you seeking "something different" for your reception and wedding decor.

In place of a traditional guest book, you can set up a table to hold note cards that match the rest of your wedding stationery, a bowl, pens, and a sign that reads: "Write your wishes for the happy couple."

Guests can then write their heartfelt wishes on the note cards, and drop them inside the bowl.

You can use note cards in a variety of colors to match your color scheme, creating a beautiful sea of color inside the bowl.

Images are from Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.

More tips coming up in the next few days! My goal is to transform this blog into a source of inspiration, a place where my readers can come to find information on stationery, anything wedding related, plus recipes, health and beauty, eco-friendly solutions, travel, and all the neat things I find along the way!

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