Friday, January 4, 2008

Wedding Logos - The Latest Trend!

Image above illustrates how you can create your own thank you cards with a little help from a professionally designed wedding logo.

Wedding logos, perhaps unheard of a few decades ago - today they are the hottest wedding day trend!
The beauty of a wedding logo, is that not only does it symbolize the union of two people in love, but it can truly communicate who you are, based on it's design. Trendy, elegant, classic, playful...whatever your characteristics may be, you will for sure be drawn to a logo that expresses the same characteristics that describe you.
As a stationery designer, what I like about wedding logos is that it gives everyone an opportunity to have customized invitations, even with a modest budget.
All you have to do is purchase your logo and run with it! Use it to build your own invitations, thank you cards, etc.

I've illustrated above just how easy it would be to create your own thank you cards. But don't stop there! Use it to unify every aspect of your wedding, from your wedding stationery, to your wedding cake, party favors, etc. - engrave it on your groom's tie, if he let's you! The possibilities are truly endless.

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