Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Greater Palm Springs Wedding Association - Exciting changes are on the way!

2007 has been a busy year indeed! Aside from adding new pieces to my portfolio this season and managing my invitation studio, I have also been serving in the Greater Palm Springs Wedding Association's (GPSWA) board of directors as Marketing Committee Chairman, since January of this year.
Needless to say the last 6 months have been very exciting!

Rebranding the organization had been in the marketing plan since day one, but the changes are finally starting to happen. One of our milestones so far is the unveiling of our new logo! It's not your typical wedding logo composed of cute doves, hearts, or calligraphy style text. I designed this logo to reflect the elegance and uniqueness of our location, given that our beautiful surroundings are far from "typical" as well. Our architectural landmarks, clean cities, gorgeus landscaping, mountain views and year-round sunny blue skies make the Greater Palm Springs area the perfect wedding destination!

With this in mind, our (GPSWA) web site will also be going through a transformation in the coming months to better depict what desert weddings are like, and to better reflect our surroundings, as well as what the association and its members have to offer. So please stay tuned, you won't be disappointed!

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