Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Welcome to Our Blog

Thank you for visiting! I am very excited to have finally set up my blog. I will now be able to keep you informed with the latest news and updates as well as being able to share more about the heart and passion behind Dio Selina Custom Designs.

You have probably already read a little about my background and experience, but there are two other very special people (amongst others) who contribute to the business as well. Please meet my husband Robert and my two year old daughter, Andria.

This wedding season has been our busiest yet, and as of December 2006, my husband officially became my Assistant and Production Artist. Those who know him get a kick out of it. He just doesn't seem like the type that would have the patience to manually assemble and embellish hundreds of invitations at a time. But fortunately, he is! We have a TV in our production area where he can watch shows like "The Sopranos," "CSI: Miami" and his favorite sports, while he tackles production of these beautiful invitations.

Andria, our daughter, has reached the age where she wants to "help." She'll often come up to me asking if I have work for her. Her persistence has earned her a position in our company as "messenger". She'll walk from our production area into the office saying things like: "Daddy needs tape" - so I'll hand her a roll and send it out to him; "How many invitations for Debra, mom?" - I'll give her an exact number to relay to her dad. And my favorite line of all is when she tells me "Mommy, get off the computer, I need to check to my e-mail!"

She doesn't have a company e-mail address quite yet, but you never know...she's starting to show her artistic abilities, so we may be able to have her design some greeting cards in the near future!

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