Saturday, June 30, 2007

Every parent needs a "Misseyee"

My little girl turns 3 on July 10th. She's had her birthday party planned out for the last two months or so. She tells me she's going to wear a birthday hat, everyone's going to sing happy birthday to her, she's going hit her Hello Kitty piƱata and eat all the pink and purple flowers on her birthday cake! Apparently all I have to do make it all come true.

I went to look for her baby pictures today in hopes to find something I can use for her birthday party invitations. I felt awful when I came to the realization that if it wasn't for my sister, Cynthia (a.k.a Misseyee), I wouldn't own half of the images I looked at today!

What does "Misseyee" mean?
A couple of years ago my daughter learned the names of her aunts and uncles Melina (Meli), Eddie and Erik. To her, all names sounded alike, so she called them all "Eyee". But I think she also thougth that "Eyee" meant "tall and slender" which is why Cynthia was automatically an "Eyee" too, even though her name didn't sound like any of the rest, she looked like them...tall and slender.

During this time Andria also went through a phase where she called everyone Miss or Mister. For a while we were all refered to as: "Miss Mommy," "Miss Gramma," "Mister Daddy," and naturally "Miss Eyee."

Well, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank my sister for being such a loving aunt and constantly photographing my little girl! Most of the photos above were taken by her except for: (1) Andria's Halloween picture where she's dressed as her daddy, (2) Andria's first birthday party, Hawaiian theme, photographed with her aunt, Misseyee.

Tip to all new parents
I also wanted to encourage all the new parents out there, and all the newlywed couples who will eventually become parents without a Misseyee of their own - use your camera phones and digital cameras constantly - babies do grow up fast!

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