Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Color Inspiration

Often times when I sit at my drawing table and bring out all my markers, I feel overwhelmed. So many colors to choose from, which ones should I use? Well, little by little through the Monday Hues collection, I am building a library of color swatches, a "go-to" place that can be accessed anywhere via internet, not only by me, but by my readers as well to solve this problem.As the weeks go by and my library continues to grow, I'm hoping that the Monday Hues not only help you chase the Monday blues away, but also inspire you to play with these color combinations in your wardrobe, your next party, social event, or the next time you need a little color inspiration for your a craft or home decor project.
With all that said, I present to you a non-traditional Easter color palette. Colors were picked from a picture I took last year of my daughter, nieces and nephews coloring their Easter eggs.
Enjoy, my friends, and have a beautiful week filled with inspiration and color all around.


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