Friday, August 27, 2010

Handcrafted Wedding Bouquet

I received this picture from my sister today, it's her wedding bouquet! Sure, natural flower bouquets are beautiful and smell great, but when you're a crafty girl like my sister is, and you're trying to keep the wedding costs down so you can splurge on the honeymoon, then this is the perfect solution to the bouquet search. One more thing she can check off the list.

So how much did she spend? I think she had the fabric and beads already...she gets of a kick out of sharing her cost-saving tips, so I'm sure she'll share. Check back soon if you're interested in finding out the grand total.

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TimAndCynthia said...

I Love my bouquet!!
It is all scrap fabric that I already had . The beads, I also already had and the tulle was left over from Dio's weddings. What I paid for was:

Bouquet holder- $2.99
Green Ribbon- $3.99
Ivory Ribbon - $3.99
Pins - $1.99