Friday, July 9, 2010

Handmande Pom Pom Flowers

My sister text me the other day asking what I thought about not having real flowers at her wedding. My first reaction was "None? Oh, no!" but after a second I was struck by relief as I remembered how crafty her and her fiancee can be, and I know that whatever they choose to do will reflect their creativity.
I proceeded to suggest grass boxes instead of floral arrangements or maybe cactus in jars and nicely decorated cans. Everything displayed in a chic and eco-friendly fashion of course. My main concern is that whatever she chooses, is not too complex and remains easy to assemble the day of the wedding. She now has an idea of what she wants, but I'm not about to ruin the surprise by blogging about it. At least not now, hee, hee.
As I searched for inspiration to send her way, I came across this neat tutorial by DomestiFluff that provides step by sten instructions on how to create pom pom flowers. By glancing at the picture I would have never known those were made using ribbon! So, these may or may not be your ideal wedding DIY project, but it's definitely a neat find. Something to keep in mind another, less fancy occasion.

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Carmen said...

I've looked into making mexican style tissue paper flowers too for my wedding (whenever that happens!) This is pretty neat too :)