Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dio Selina Custom Designs: Studio Updates

After much thought and consideration, I decided to temporarily remove my custom invitations website (Dio Selina Custom Designs) from the internet this week. In the meantime, the web address will lead you to this blog where you will be able to keep up with my latest designs, become informed on any studio updates and find inspiration for your wedding or your next special event.

I am happy to say that my line of social stationery titled Paisley In Paris is gaining more recognition each day and orders for birthday celebrations, baby showers and other events have been increasing significantly in the last few weeks. In addition to increased non-wedding related sales, I've also recently added a new line of Spanglish stationery called Que Party Tan Fancy, for my Latina followers who love my work and must have it translated to Spanish (or Spanglish).

So let's just say that Dio Selina Custom Designs is simply on an extended vacation. I'm looking to relaunch an updated website with new handcrafted wedding invitation sets by the end of this year. By doing this, I'll be able to focus on everything that I have going on at this time and continue to provide the high quality customer service that has always been associated with my name.

During the next few weeks, I am looking forward to creating more balance in my life, updating the blog several times a week, spending more quality time with my family, and revamping my line of wedding stationery for the coming season. Thank you all for your patience, your love and support!


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