Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Color Inspiration # 1: Soft Vintage

Color Inspiration # 1: Eggshell, Cement, Sage and Dusty Rose

There have been times during a design consultation for custom wedding stationery, when my clients express that they haven't yet decided on a theme or color scheme for their event. A side of me is always surprised to hear this for about a second or so, but then the logical side of me completely understands that planning a wedding can be a little overwhelming. If the couple hasn't hired a wedding coordinator they may need a little guidance as far as where to begin, and I'm always happy to help.

The truth is that selecting a color scheme for your event is one of the first things you should do. Once you select your color palette, it will be much easier to decide on your bridesmaids and groomsmen attire, the cake, linens, favors, stationery, etc. It will all be much easier because you will know exactly what you're looking for, and everything will seem to come together in visual harmony.

Other couples I have worked with have been under the impression that they can only use one or two colors in their wedding decor, such as white and red or black and white. The truth is, that there is no limit to your color palette nowadays. The richer the palette, the better!

Inspiration can be found anywhere! From browsing magazines with images of other weddings, your favorite book cover, a pattern in your favorite purse, your comforter, grandmother's dress or your favorite picture!

If you are just now starting to plan your wedding, stay tuned for more weekly color inspirations.

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