Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taking a Personal Holiday

I'm closing the shop for the weekend to celebrate my daughter's 5th birthday. Yes, I can't believe my little baby is turning 5 and that her "fourness" (as she put it) will be gone forever as of tomorrow.

Ah, yes, it seems like it was only yesterday when I was experiencing excruciating pain, wondering why on earth must we endure such torture in passing a child into the world? I'm sorry, but personally, I think childbirth is painful, messy and yes, I dare say gross. However, after the labor, the magic begins. My little kiddo is the love of my life, my daily companion, my biggest challenge, my craft-buddy, my joy, my inspiration, my best friend and my personal entertainer.

And what better place to celebrate her life than taking a family trip to the most magical and happiest place on earth? Disneyland! She's never been there before, so I'm sure she'll have a blast! She loves adventure, and luckily she's pretty tall for her age, so I'm sure she'll be able to get on most rides. We'll be back home at night, but the celebration will continue on Saturday and Sunday as both sets of grandparents have her over for cake and ice cream.

Just as an FYI, Disney is running a promotion in 2009 where they provide your child with a free admissions ticket on their birthday! All you have to do is register your child on-line and wait for the ticket to arrive via e-mail.

Before I go, I have to thank Donna from Red Lantern Photography, for letting me know about the promo! The savings are definitely a good thing during these times!

Click here for information on Disney's free birthday admission.

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