Thursday, May 21, 2009

You've got the Right Stamp, baby!

I recently had a client ask me how much postage her invitations would require. With the invitations not back from the printer yet, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had a sample I could have weighed here in my studio, but the final product would include a thermography finish to the printing, so I didn't know how much more it would add to the final weight.

This scenario brought me to share a bit of advice when it comes to mailing your invitations. Before you purchase any postage, take one invitation to the post office, complete with inserts and everything as it will be mailed to your guests, and have it weighed so the clerk can confirm the amount of postage it will require. You can proceed to mail the invitation to yourself as a final test and once you receive it, feel free to purchase your wedding stamps or order any type of custom designed postage. I know a great designer who can help you with that, *wink-wink*. =)

By the way, postage went up to $0.44 a few days ago! Also, have you seen the new and VERY cute King and Queen of Hearts wedding stamps? The design is just way too adorable!

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