Friday, December 19, 2008

Always an opportunity for creativity

I am having so much fun with the elf theme this year! I ordered elf cards from after creating that cute little video you saw a few blog entries ago. These Elf cards allowed me to include some creative writing as well, reflecting a bit more of my personality and my relationships with the people I'm giving them to.

For example, here's what I wrote on my brother's card (it's okay to share, he doesn't read my blog)...

"My spidey senses tell me you've been on Santa's good list this year. But as you can see, I am CLEARLY an Elf, not Spiderman, so whatever my spidey senses detect can be thrown right out the window!"
Then I signed it with the traditional Merry Christmas, and told him to go Elf himself.

No, I'm not being mean, that's really the name of the elfing program..."Elf Yourself". I included the JibJab web address on his card as well, so he knows where to go to get started.

I know this has nothing to do with weddings, but I do hope that it inspires you to find a way to be creative in everything that you do. Especially when planning your holiday parties and of course your wedding day!

Peace and Joy,


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