Friday, August 22, 2008

Daisy and Leo's Wedding Logo

I met with Daisy and Leo a few days back and they mentioned they wanted some kind of monogram or logo incorporated into the design of their invitations. They didn't want anything with their last name, though, and they felt that the D and L were too difficult to work with. I agree, those two letters don't seem to compliment each other when placed side by side, so instead of a monogram I designed a wedding logo for them.

I was able to combine a lower case D and upper case L. I was concerned that people wouldn't see it, so I placed their names underneath the icon to allow people to make the connection. Since the L is upper case, I created an abstract of a daisy to give her a bit more of a stronger presence in the logo. As a finishing touch, I added the wedding date, and there you have it! Another mission accomplished, and another happy client. =)

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