Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Visiting the Spectacular Queen Mary

We took a trip to the historical Queen Mary this weekend. My husband and I loved it, although the girls are still a bit young to appreciate its beauty, history, and the complexity of its construction for the time it was built in.

The Queen Mary was completed in 1936 in England, it was the largest and most luxurious ship of its time.

During WWII the ship was painted grey and used to transport troops. At one point it carried 16,683 people, the largest amount ever to be transported by ship at once.

The ship became property of Long Beach, California in July of 1967. Since then, The Queen Mary has been a main tourist attraction, and in November of 1972 it also became a hotel, and its many ballrooms now host weddings and special events.

There are rumors that the ship is haunted. Many paranormal experts have gone to study the ship and they believe that in the right corner above the first class swimming pool lies a passage way from this world to the spirit world, otherwise known as a vortex. Up to this day, many Queen Mary employees report to hear voices and have often seen wet footprints appear around the swimming pool, even though it is completely drained.

You can see behind us the view from the ship.

The girls got to play "captain" and navigate little ships in the water.
Whoo-hoo! We survived the "Ghosts & Legends of the Queen Mary" tour!

Despite the unexpected workout (so many stairs to climb) we had a great a time! If you ever plan to visit the Queen Mary, I recommend you wear comfortable shoes.

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