Friday, June 20, 2008

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs can vary in shape and size. From a flat card, to a folded card, a booklet, square, rectangular, fan-shaped, small or large.

In reality, when we get to this part of the wedding stationery, most people choose a style that simply fits their budget. Since the invitations are what makes the first and lasting impression, it's okay to splurge on the invites and keep the programs and place cards simple and legible.

When people ask me how many programs they should order, I am honest in telling them they should only order programs for about 75% of their guests. I have seen in many weddings, including my own, where there are many programs left over.

As much as you may love them, most couples will share a program. The ladies usually will take one and put them in their purse, while the men...well, they leave it up to their dates to keep one for the both of them. =)

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